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VSB 0099
B2B:FR Experience
VSB 1000
Information Technology
VSB 1015
Business Dynamics
VSB 1500
TOP:Accounting Excel
VSB 2000
Backpack-to-Briefcase:SO Sem
VSB 2004
Financial Accounting
VSB 2006
Strategic Info Technology
VSB 2007
Corp Respon & Regulation
VSB 2008
Business Analytics
VSB 2009
Principles of Finance
VSB 2020
Competitive Effectiveness
VSB 2500
Personal Finance
VSB 3000
Backpack-to-Briefcase:JR Sem
VSB 3006
Prin of Managerial Accounting
VSB 3008
Operations Management
VSB 3500
HON:CriticalThinking &Val Inv
VSB 3900
HON:Innovatin&Design Practicum
VSB 4002
Strategic Think & Implem
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