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THL 1000
Catholic Studies
THL 2490
TOP:The Bible as Literature
THL 2590
THL 2900
THM:Contemporary US Catholics
THL 3250
THM Problem of Evil
THL 3450
Pastoral Care of the Sick
THL 3790
THM:Mary,Mother of God&Saints
THL 4200
Ethics of Life and Death
THL 4490
THM:Sports & Spirituality
THL 4550
The Contemplative Tradition
THL 4990
THM:Wisdom of Sufism
THL 5000
THM:Genders & God
THL 5100
THM:Introduction to Judaism
THL 5150
THL 5180
Islamic Political Thought
THL 5410
Theology and Film
THL 5999
THM:Modern Hinduisms
THL 6000
THM:Christ & Being Human
THL 6400
Independent Study
THL 8000
Foundation SYS
THL 8001
Foundation BIB
THL 8002
Foundation HIS
THL 8003
Foundation SPI
THL 8004
Foundation ETH
THL 8140
THM:Creaturehood Spirituality
THL 8150
Themes in Johannine Literature
THL 8240
Sacramental Theology for Care
THL 8290
THM:Jewish Law
THL 8390
THM:Economic Ethics
THL 8400
Thought of Augustine
THL 8495
THM:Vat II &Global Catholicism
THL 8510
THM:Middle Eastern Rel Tradtns
THL 8702
Contextual Education
THL 8706
Faculty Mentorship
THL 8710
THM:Educating for Mission
THL 8801
Contextual Theologies
THL 8803
Intro to Counseling Skills
THL 8830
THM:Theology and Suffering
THL 8881
Ministry Field Education 1
THL 8883
Ministry Field Education 3
THL 8900
Themes in Theological Research
THL 8940
Integrative Portfolio
THL 9000
THM:The Enneads
THL 9050
Theories & Methods of Culture
THL 9130
THM:Theology of Mark
THL 9150
THM:ProphticLit Apprchs&Issues
THL 9200
THM:Post Humanism
THL 9230
THM: Aesthetic THL
THL 9270
THM:Church Freedom&HumanRights
THL 9320
THM:Catholic Social Thought
THL 9340
THM: Christian Environ Ethics
THL 9343
THM: Moral Philosophy & Ethics
THL 9350
Ethics of Higher Education
THL 9400
THM:Augustinian THL Tradition
THL 9410
THM:God, Spirituality, & Tech
THL 9450
THM:Hindu-Christian Relations
THL 9500
THM:Conversion &Transformation
THL 9510
THM:Early Christn Monasticism
THL 9520
THM:MedSpirit:Affect &Devotion
THL 9900
Dissertation Writing
THL 9910
Synthesis Portfolio
THL 9920
Proposal Colloquium
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