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THE 2019
The Theatrical Expernce
THE 2025
Improvisational Theatre
THE 2029
Fund Princ of Acting
THE 2032
Elements of Dance
THE 2040
Theatre Practicum
THE 2051
THE 3030
TOP:Gender,Perf & True Crime
THE 4011
Directing the Play
THE 7100
Principles of Acting
THE 7110
Script Analysis
THE 7120
THE 7140
Dramtc Vis & Frm Classic
THE 7200
Production Practicum I
THE 7210
Production Practicum II
THE 7220
Production Practicum III
THE 8130
Solo Performance
THE 8170
THE 8200
TOP:Shakespeare on Stage
THE 9200
Spec Stud Production
THE 9210
Spec Stud Research
THE 9230
Spec Stud Acting
THE 9240
Spec Stud Solo Performance
THE 9250
Spec Stud Dramaturgy
THE 9270
Spec Stud Directing
THE 9280
Spec Stud Playwriting
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