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STAT 1230
Intro Statistics I
STAT 1250
Stats in Health Care Research
STAT 1313
Statistics for Life Sciences
STAT 1430
Business Statistics
STAT 4210
Bayesian Statistical Analysis
STAT 4310
Stat Methods
STAT 4315
Applied Statistical Models
STAT 4380
Data Science
STAT 4450
Regression for Biostatistics
STAT 5700
Math Statistics I
STAT 5905
Seminar in Statistics
STAT 5910
TOP:Design of Experiments
STAT 7404
Statistical Methods
STAT 7500
Statistical Programming
STAT 8400
Statistical Theory I
STAT 8412
Linear Models
STAT 8414
Categorical Data Anal
STAT 8444
Time Series & Forecasting
STAT 8448
Clinical Trials
STAT 8450
Longitudinal Data Analysis
STAT 8452
Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 8796
TOP:Deep Learning
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