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PSC 1100
American Government
PSC 1200
International Relations
PSC 1300
Comparative Politics
PSC 1400
Political Theory
PSC 1900
Research Seminar
PSC 2110
U.S. State & Local Government
PSC 2120
U.S. Congress
PSC 2125
U.S. Presidency
PSC 2140
US Con Law I: Powers&Struct
PSC 2150
U.S. Pol. Parties & Elections
PSC 2190
U.S. Pub Opinion & Polit Behav
PSC 2210
PSC 2220
International Law
PSC 2230
International Organization
PSC 2240
Internat'l Political Economy
PSC 2340
Politics of the Arab World
PSC 2350
African Politics
PSC 2360
Latin American Politics
PSC 2380
European Politics
PSC 3140
Race, Ethnicity & Pol. in U.S.
PSC 3165
Black Political Economy
PSC 3210
American Foreign Policy
PSC 3440
Politics and Religion
PSC 4175
TOP:Public Pol Consulting
PSC 4275
TOP:Gender, War, & Peace
PSC 4375
TOP:Japanese Politics
PSC 6503
Internship Elective
PSC 6900
SEM:UN Peace & Security
PSC 7000
TOP:Research Scope&Methods
PSC 7175
TOP:Social Policy
PSC 7275
TOP: Global Pol of Pandemics
PSC 7375
TOP:Pol Econ of Mid East
PSC 7475
PSC 8130
US Constitutional Interpretat
PSC 8140
Race and Ethnicity
PSC 8220
International Law
PSC 8320
Russian Politics
PSC 8380
European Politics
PSC 9080
Thesis Continuation
PSC 9800
Read-Resrch Polit Scien
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