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PHY 1100
General Physics I
PHY 1101
General Physics I Lab
PHY 2400
Physics I Mechanics
PHY 2402
Physics II Elec & Magnet
PHY 2403
Phy Lab for Engineering
PHY 2410
University Phy:Mechanics
PHY 2411
Lab: Mechanics
PHY 2414
Univ Physics: Thermo
PHY 2415
Lab: Thermodynamics
PHY 2417
Lab:Modern Physics
PHY 2601
Computational Phy Lab I
PHY 3310
PHY 3311
Electronics Lab
PHY 4000
Elec & Magnetism I
PHY 4003
Elec & Magnetism II Lab
PHY 4100
Mechanics I
PHY 4202
Mathematical Physics II
PHY 4301
Experimental Methods I
PHY 5100
Quantum Mechanics
PHY 5500
Solid State Physics I
PHY 6450
Supervised Study in Physics
PHY 6500
Supervised Study in Physics
PHY 6600
Supervised Study in Physics
PHY 6900
Topics in Physics
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