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NUR 1102
Intro to Prof Nursing
NUR 1104
Intro to Prof Nursing Practice
NUR 2204
Health Assessment
NUR 2205
Practicum in Health Assessment
NUR 2206
Essentials of Nursing Practice
NUR 2207
Practicum in Essen of Nsg Prac
NUR 2810
Resrch & Sci Evid in Nsg Prac
NUR 3030
Basic Conc Pharmacology
NUR 3108
NUR 3114
Nsg Care Adults & Older Adults
NUR 3115
Prac Nsg Adults & Older Adults
NUR 3118
Nsg Care Women & Childbear Fam
NUR 3119
Prac Nsg Women & Childbear Fam
NUR 3120
Psychiatric & Mental Hlth Nsg
NUR 3121
Prac Psych & Mental Hlth Nsg
NUR 3122
Imper for Global & Pub Health
NUR 4104
Nsg Adults w Comp Hlth Prob
NUR 4105
Prac Adults w Comp Hlth Prob
NUR 4108
Nsg Care Child & Adol
NUR 4109
Prac Nsg Care Child & Adol
NUR 4113
Prac Health Prom & Home Health
NUR 4114
Nursing and Health Policy
NUR 4117
Fld Work Leadership & Mgmt
NUR 4200
Trauma Informed Care
NUR 4900
Guided Study in Nursing
NUR 4901
Guided Study in Nursing
NUR 4902
Guided Study in Nursing
NUR 7070
Nutrition and Global Health
NUR 7090
Planetary Hlth for Global Pop
NUR 8511
Clinical Mgmt in Adulthood ll
NUR 8512
Prac:Clin Mgmt Adulthood Il
NUR 8513
Clinical Mgmt in Adulthood III
NUR 8514
Prac: Clin Mgmt Adulthood III
NUR 8611
Clin. Mgt. Family Care Il
NUR 8612
Pract Clin Mgt Family Care Il
NUR 8613
Clin Mgt Family Care III
NUR 8614
Pract Clin Mgt Family Care III
NUR 8615
Issues Across the Lifespan
NUR 8811
Clin Mgt Ped ll
NUR 8812
Prac Ped Primary Care ll
NUR 8813
Clin Mgt Ped III
NUR 8814
Prac Ped Primary Care III
NUR 8863
Health Prom Growing Child
NUR 8901
Advanced Pathophysiology
NUR 8902
Development of Nursing Science
NUR 8903
Advanced Pharmacology
NUR 8904
Nursing Research
NUR 8906
Leadership Strategies
NUR 8910
Advanced Physical Assessment
NUR 8950
Curriculm in Nursing
NUR 8952
Teaching Strategies
NUR 8954
Teaching Practicum
NUR 8964
Clinical Ethics
NUR 9002
Independent Study
NUR 9004
Advanced Study in Nursing
NUR 9027
Adv Dim in Nur Anest VI
NUR 9101
Anesthesia Clin. Practice I
NUR 9104
Anesthesia Clin. Practice V
NUR 9401
DNP Project Seminar I
NUR 9402
DNP Project Seminar II
NUR 9404
DNP Project Seminar IV
NUR 9407
Qulty. Improvement & PT Safety
NUR 9411
Epi Apprch to Hlth Disparities
NUR 9413
Special Topics
NUR 9420
Intro to Nurse Anesthesia
NUR 9421
Foundation Nurse Anesthesia l
NUR 9422
Fundamentals of NA Practice
NUR 9427
Case Studies in Nurse Anesth
NUR 9430
Adv Dimensions in NA Prac V
NUR 9500
Social Ethics & Healthcare
NUR 9501
Concepts in Health & Culture
NUR 9505
Statistical Analysis I
NUR 9508
Doctoral Dissertation Continua
NUR 9511
Dissertation Seminar I
NUR 9513
Dissertation Seminar III
NUR 9515
Foundations in Nursing Science
NUR 9518
Scientific and Grant Writing
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