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HRD 7998
HRD Experiential Project
HRD 7999
Comprehensive Exam
HRD 8003
Financial & Human Capital
HRD 8006
People Analytics
HRD 8101
Intro to HR in Business World
HRD 8102
Critical Eval & Resrch Writing
HRD 8210
Strategic Workforce Planning
HRD 8212
Total Rewards:Compensation
HRD 8213
Total Rewards:Benefits
HRD 8214
HR Technology
HRD 8215
Employment Law
HRD 8330
Human Resource Ethics
HRD 8345
Relational Capital
HRD 8419
Foundations of Strategic HR
HRD 8420
Strategic & Global HR Ldrship
HRD 8421
Diversity in a Global Economy
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