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HIS 1060
TOP:Islam & the West
HIS 1065
TOP:The History of Disease
HIS 1070
TOP:British Empire
HIS 1075
TOP:Signif. of Race in America
HIS 1150
TOP:TransatlanticRevs Mod Wrld
HIS 1155
TOP:Across the Pacific
HIS 1165
TOP:Global Migration
HIS 1250
TOP:Ancient Empires
HIS 1903
Internship Elective
HIS 2000
Investigating U.S. History I
HIS 2181
Civil War & Reconstruct
HIS 2201
United States 1914-1945
HIS 2265
American Military History
HIS 2274
History of American Medicine
HIS 2291
African Amer His during Slaver
HIS 2296
History of American Women
HIS 2993
Hist Internship
HIS 3011
Greek Civilization
HIS 3095
TOP:Ancient Doctors & Diseases
HIS 3216
Ireland since 1800
HIS 3233
Hitler and Nazi Germany
HIS 3995
TOP:Holocaust Eastern Europe
HIS 4090
Women in the Middle East
HIS 4120
Emergence Modern Africa
HIS 4195
TOP:Medieval West Afr Empires
HIS 4320
Modern East Asia
HIS 4325
Modern China I, 1644-1912
HIS 4499
TOP:History of Human Rights
HIS 4997
TOP:University Race & Justice
HIS 4998
TOP:History For Sustainability
HIS 5001
Junior Research Seminar
HIS 5501
Sem in Historical Methodology
HIS 8016
Amer Nation 1750-1800
HIS 8204
HIS 8205
Ancient Mediterranean
HIS 8207
Wm & Gender in Europe 400-1650
HIS 8235
Brit Econ Soc 1689-1815
HIS 8410
HIS 8702
Intro to Public History
HIS 8800
TOP:Historiography-Visual Cul
HIS 8802
SEM:Clas & Contemp AfricanAmer
HIS 8850
Theory and Methods in History
HIS 9002
Research Seminar
HIS 9006
Grad Internship in Public Hist
HIS 9012
Directed Readings in History
HIS 9022
Thesis Direction I
HIS 9032
Thesis Direction II
HIS 9042
Internship in Teach of History
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