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ENG 1050
LitEx:An Existential Journey
ENG 1842
Literature of Magic
ENG 1903
Internship Elective
ENG 1906
Internship Elective
ENG 1909
Internship Elective
ENG 1975
CoreSem:Law & Modern Lit
ENG 2003
Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 2004
Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENG 2005
Writing of Short Story
ENG 2006
The Writing of Poetry
ENG 2009
Writing the Traditional Novel
ENG 2013
Writing of Memoir
ENG 2017
Writing Detective Fiction
ENG 2018
Nature Writing Workshop
ENG 2021
Journalism for Co-ops
ENG 2061
Editing & Publishing
ENG 2250
Ways of Reading:Lit Analysis
ENG 2300
Women in Literature
ENG 2304
Cont World Lit & Environment
ENG 2400
Classical Hero in Ancient Lit
ENG 2800
Teaching Practicum
ENG 2991
English Majors in Workplace
ENG 2993
ENG 2996
ENG 2999
Publishing Co-op
ENG 3001
Foundational Lit in ENG 1
ENG 3181
Irish Epics, Visions&Hauntings
ENG 3350
ENG 3530
Victorian Doubles
ENG 3580
Topics in 19th C Irish Lit&Cul
ENG 3621
Contemp British Novel
ENG 3680
Top: 20th-21st C Irish Lit&Cul
ENG 3690
Harry Potter
ENG 4000
American Literary Trad 1
ENG 4502
The Black Atlantic
ENG 4515
American Gothic:Poe & King
ENG 4648
U.S. Empire & Cont. Am. Lit.
ENG 4651
Lives of the Undocumented
ENG 4652
Letters, Texts, Twitter
ENG 5000
SrSem:The Invisible Man
ENG 8000
Theory Seminar
ENG 8090
Thesis Direction I
ENG 8092
Field Examination
ENG 8093
Field Exam Continuation
ENG 8106
ENG 8260
Gender&Sexuality InShakespeare
ENG 9031
Independent Study I
ENG 9035
Professional Research Option
ENG 9080
Thesis Continuation
ENG 9530
TOP:How Sex Became Binary
ENG 9720
Lives of the Undocumented
ENG 9730
T.S. Eliot Among the Novelists
ENG 9800
Internship in Teaching English
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