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EGR 1001
Career Compass First Yr A
EGR 1002
Career Compass First Yr B
EGR 1200
HON:Egr Interdisc Proj I
EGR 2002
Intro to Humanitarian Engr
EGR 2003
Career Compass Second Yr A
EGR 2004
Career Compass Second Yr B
EGR 2020
Physiology for Engineers
EGR 2110
Sus Eng: Risks & Opportunities
EGR 2930
Catholic Soc Teaching for EGRS
EGR 3005
Career Compass Third Yr A
EGR 3006
Career Compass Third Yr B
EGR 4000
Undergraduate Research I
EGR 5001
Engineering Service Learning
EGR 5002
EGR Service Learning Leader
EGR 5003
Engineering Svc Learning Capst
EGR 5050
Professional Practicum
EGR 7011
Business Basics for Engineers
EGR 7110
Fundamentals-Sustainable Engr
EGR 7112
Econ/Social Equity Integrators
EGR 7113
Sustainable Materials & Design
EGR 7120
Intro to Sus Eng for Intl Dev
EGR 8111
ADV LCA & Intro to Prod Design
EGR 8301
Control Systems Engineering
EGR 8302
Digital Control
EGR 9000
Doctoral Independent Study
EGR 9020
Sust Eng Independent Study
EGR 9024
Sust Eng Thesis I
EGR 9025
Sust Eng Thesis II
EGR 9080
Sust Eng Thesis Continuation
EGR 9085
Sust Eng Ind Study Contin
EGR 9100
Doctoral Research
EGR 9110
Doctoral Research Continuation
EGR 9150
Prof Development/CPT
EGR 9151
Prof Devel/CPT Continuation
EGR 9200
Teaching Engr'ng in Higher Edu
EGR 9260
PhD PD Industry Track Seminar
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