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EDU 2202
Social Foundation Edu II
EDU 2253
History of American Education
EDU 3251
Psych of Teaching & Learning
EDU 3258
Education & Society in 1960s
EDU 3262
Edu Pearl Harbor to Sputnik
EDU 3263
Diversity and Inclusion
EDU 3264
Intro to Disability Studies
EDU 4245
Literacy & Eng Lang Learning
EDU 4282
Meth Fgn Lang Sec School
EDU 4283
Meth Math Sec School
EDU 4285
Meth Soc Stud Sec School
EDU 4290
Philosophy of Education
EDU 4291
Student Teaching
EDU 4292
Senior Seminar
EDU 7142
Parents & Community Partnershp
EDU 7272
Systemic Approaches to Equity
EDU 7296
Catholic Higher Ed Stud Affair
EDU 7321
Student Teaching Seminar
EDU 7544
Educating Middle School
EDU 7551
Lead Top in Higher Education
EDU 8400
Critical Perspectives Spec Ed
EDU 8500
Theory & Purpose of the Univ.
EDU 8530
Teaching Methods in Lang Clsrm
EDU 8540
Methods of Teaching Math & Sci
EDU 8550
Meth of Teaching Eng & Soc Stu
EDU 8600
Student Development Theory
EDU 8603
Educational Research
EDU 8614
Curriculum & Assessment
EDU 8628
Graduate Student Teaching
EDU 8644
Leadershp & Admin of Higher Ed
EDU 8651
Social Issues & Schools
EDU 8654
Policy Analysis
EDU 8670
History of US Higher Education
EDU 8673
Philosophy Education
EDU 8675
Development of ELL Students
EDU 8679
Standards Aligned Sys & Curric
EDU 8869
EDU 9031
Indep Study & Research I
EDU 9034
Thesis I
EDU 9035
Thesis II
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