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ECO 1001
Intro to Micro
ECO 1002
Intro to Macro
ECO 1903
Internship Elective
ECO 2101
Macro-Econ Theory
ECO 2102
Micro-Econ Theory
ECO 2130
Intro to R Prog for Econ & Fin
ECO 2993
ECO 3106
Econ of Money & Banking
ECO 3107
FED Challenge
ECO 3108
Global Political Econ
ECO 3109
International Economics
ECO 3112
Public Sector Economics
ECO 3118
Women and the Economy
ECO 3120
Financial Economics
ECO 3125
Industr Org & Public Pol
ECO 3127
Econ Underdeveloped Area
ECO 3137
Intro to Econometrics
ECO 3138
Game Theory
ECO 3200
TOP:Economics of Tourism
ECO 4200
TOP: Computational Economics
ECO 4203
Pol Eco of Development Aid
ECO 4207
Economics of Risk&Uncertainty
ECO 4209
International Macroeconomics
ECO 4500
Independent Study in Eco
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