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ECE 2030
Electrical Circuit Fundamental
ECE 2031
Elect Circuit Fundamentals Lab
ECE 2042
Fundamentals of CPE I
ECE 2043
Fund of Comp Engineering I Lab
ECE 2044
Fundamentals of CPE II
ECE 2045
Fund Comp Engineering II Lab
ECE 2409
Fundamentals of MATLAB
ECE 2620
C++, Algorithms & Data Struct
ECE 2800
Prof. Dev. Seminar
ECE 3225
Signal Processing
ECE 3230
Signals Lab
ECE 3430
Embedded Systems II
ECE 3445
Computer Architecture
ECE 3450
Digital Electronics
ECE 3530
Analog Electronics II
ECE 3531
Analog Electronics II Lab
ECE 3600
Operating Systems
ECE 3720
Eng Probability & Statistics
ECE 4810
Intro. to Electric Energy Sys.
ECE 4970
Design Project EE
ECE 4971
Design Project CPE
ECE 4972
Design Project Report EE
ECE 4973
Design Project Report CPE
ECE 5250
Biomedical Instrumentation
ECE 5450
Microcontrollers & Applic
ECE 5690
Microwave Networks
ECE 5900
TOP:RealTime OS for IoT
ECE 5991
Elec Eng Research I
ECE 5992
Elec Eng Research II
ECE 7231
Applied DSP
ECE 7428
Computer Comm Networks
ECE 7580
Intro to Power Electronics
ECE 7805
Electric Machinery
ECE 7830
Intro. to Electric Drives
ECE 8001
Engineering Math I
ECE 8072
Stat Signal Processing
ECE 8410
Trusted Computing
ECE 8455
Adv. Digital Des. Using FPGAs
ECE 8473
UNIX and C Programming
ECE 8476
Cryptography & Netwk. Security
ECE 8485
Control Systems Security
ECE 8486
Ethical Hacking
ECE 8562
Introduction to Photonics
ECE 8566
RFIC Design
ECE 8670
Microwave Thry & Tech I
ECE 8675
Antenna Theory I
ECE 8708
Wireless Communications
ECE 9030
Independent Study
ECE 9031
Research I
ECE 9032
Research II
ECE 9080
Thesis Continuation
ECE 9085
Independent Study Continuation
ECE 9090
ECE Project
ECE 9905
Sup Study Elec & Comp Egr
ECE 9940
ECE Graduate Practicum
ECE 9941
Grad. Practicum Continuation
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