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CSC 1010
Programming for All
CSC 1051
Algorithms & Data Struc I
CSC 1052
Algorithms & Data Struc II
CSC 1300
Discrete Structures
CSC 1700
Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 1800
Organ of Prog Languages
CSC 1990
Enrichment Sem in Computing
CSC 2014
Java Bootcamp
CSC 2053
Platform Based Computing
CSC 2400
Computer Systems I
CSC 2993
Internship in Computing
CSC 3010
Overview of Cybersecurity
CSC 4170
Theory of Computation
CSC 4300
Computer Graphics
CSC 4450
Digital Forensics
CSC 4480
Principles of Database Systems
CSC 4550
Computing for Data Science
CSC 4790
Senior Projects
CSC 5930
TOP:Software Studio
CSC 5993
Independent Study
CSC 8200
Hlth Informatics & EHealth Sys
CSC 8220
Software Engr&Hlth Informatic
CSC 8230
Database System&Hlth Infomatic
CSC 8301
Design and Ana of Algs
CSC 8310
Programming Languages
CSC 8400
Computer Systems
CSC 8490
Database Systems
CSC 8515
Machine Learning
CSC 8540
Software Engineering
CSC 8542
Software Design and Evolution
CSC 8544
Software Project Management
CSC 8550
Computing for Data Science
CSC 8566
Internet of Things
CSC 8990
Graduate Computing Practicum
CSC 8991
Grad Practicum Continuation
CSC 9000
Guided Study
CSC 9010
TOP:DevOps:Tools & Techniques
CSC 9025
Grand Challenges of Computing
CSC 9026
Grand Challenges of Comp Cont
CSC 9030
Thesis Direction
CSC 9080
Thesis Continuation
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