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COM 1000
Surv of Communication Studies
COM 1100
Public Speaking
COM 1101
Business & Prof Communication
COM 1102
COM Foundations for Engrs
COM 1300
Film Analysis
COM 1903
Communication Internship
COM 1906
Communication Internship
COM 1909
Communication Internship
COM 2200
Theories of Rhetoric
COM 2240
Theories of Perform Studies
COM 2300
Theories of Mass Communication
COM 2340
Theories of Visual Com & Cultu
COM 2400
Theories of Interpersonal Com
COM 2440
Theories of Organizational Com
COM 2993
Communication Internship
COM 2996
Communication Internship
COM 3207
African American Rhetoric
COM 3247
COM 3248
Performance Ethnography
COM 3290
TOP:Rhetorics Hate &FreeSpeech
COM 3301
Intro to Film & Video Prod
COM 3303
COM 3308
Digital Image Production
COM 3321
Interactive Media Design
COM 3340
Film History
COM 3341
Gender and Film
COM 3343
Contemporary Cinema
COM 3352
Media & Technology
COM 3353
Media & Politics
COM 3354
Media Criticism
COM 3356
Media Audiences
COM 3360
Introduction to Journalism
COM 3363
Broadcast Journalism
COM 3366
Multimedia Journalism
COM 3367
TOP:Feature Writing
COM 3390
TOP:Media&Technology in Africa
COM 3402
Family Communication
COM 3403
Intercultural Communication
COM 3443
Work Life Negotiation
COM 3460
Public Relations
COM 3461
COM 3462
Public Relations Writing
COM 3490
TOP:Space, Time & Tech in Org.
COM 3600
Social Justice Documentary
COM 4001
Qualitative Research in COM
COM 4002
Quantitative Research in COM
COM 5050
Senior Project
COM 5100
Directed Study
COM 5200
TOP:Social Media Strategy
COM 5300
COM 5464
Public Relations Campaigns
COM 5600
COM 8002
Quantitative Research Methods
COM 8003
Internship in Communication
COM 8004
Communication Directed Study
COM 8006
Thesis Direction I
COM 8007
Thesis Direction II
COM 8008
Orientation to Graduate Study
COM 8100
The Communication Perspective
COM 8101
Performance Studies
COM 8208
Public Communication Campaigns
COM 8211
Communication and Identity
COM 8301
Strategic Public Relations
COM 8313
Communication Directed Study
COM 8317
Basic Web Design
COM 9080
Thesis Continuation
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