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CHM 1000
Profesl Development Sem
CHM 1103
General Chemistry Lab I
CHM 1107
General Chemistry Lab: Nursing
CHM 1131
General Chemistry I
CHM 1151
General Chemistry I
CHM 1301
Inorganic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 1311
Inorganic Chemistry I
CHM 1611
Gen'l Chem l for BIOC Majors
CHM 2201
Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 2211
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 3201
Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 3211
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 3301
Inorganic Chem Lab II
CHM 3311
Inorganic Chem II
CHM 3405
Physical Chem Lab II
CHM 3413
Molecular Thermodynamics
CHM 3417
Biophysical Chemistry
CHM 3501
Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHM 3503
Bioanalytical Chem Lab
CHM 3511
Instrumental Analysis
CHM 3514
Bioanalytical Chemistry
CHM 4292
Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM 4517
Environmental Chemistry
CHM 4603
Biochem Tech. and Pract.
CHM 4611
Survey of Biochemistry
CHM 4621
Biochemistry I: Structure
CHM 4652
Biochemical Basis of Disease
CHM 4710
Safety Culture in the Sci Com
CHM 4800
CHM 4801
Research I
CHM 4802
Research II
CHM 4803
Research III
CHM 4851
Thesis Research I
CHM 4852
Thesis Research II
CHM 7100
Quantum Mechanics
CHM 7292
Core Organic Chemistry
CHM 7391
Core Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 7517
Environmental Chemistry
CHM 7807
MS Research I
CHM 7808
MS Research II
CHM 7809
MS Research III
CHM 7810
MS Thesis
CHM 8622
Biochemical Basis of Disease
CHM 9080
Thesis Continuation
CHM 9221
TOP:Pharmaceutical Chem
CHM 9661
TOP:Biophysical Techniques
CHM 9710
Safety Culture in the Sci Comm
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