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CEE 2105
Mechanics I:Fund. Behavior
CEE 2211
Transportation Engineering
CEE 2701
CE Project Development
CEE 3107
Mechanics III: Fluid Behavior
CEE 3301
Unit Operations/Pro in Env Eng
CEE 3321
Water & Wastewater Treatment
CEE 3401
Structural Analysis
CEE 3402
Structural Steel Design
CEE 3705
Engineering Economics
CEE 3802
Soil Mechanics
CEE 3902
Civil Egr Materials
CEE 3910
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
CEE 3921
Environmental Egr Lab
CEE 4226
Transportation System Design
CEE 4331
Solid & Hazardous Waste
CEE 4404
Reinforced Concrete Design
CEE 4521
Water Resources Egr Design
CEE 4601
CEE Capstone Design 1
CEE 4607
Water andWastewater Treatment
CEE 4610
Intern'l. Res. Collaboration
CEE 4612
CEE Undergraduate Research
CEE 4801
Foundation Design
CEE 7211
Water Res Planning & Mgmt
CEE 7412
Modern Structural Analysis
CEE 7511
Microbiology Enviro EGR
CEE 7520
Environmental Compliance Sys.
CEE 7701
Aquatic Chem Environ EGR
CEE 8103
CEE 8104
Geoenvironmental Engineering
CEE 8436
Prestressed Concrete
CEE 8437
Structural Steel
CEE 8461
Design of Bridge Superstructur
CEE 8462
Design of Bridge Substructures
CEE 8501
Surface Water Hydrology
CEE 8503
Open Channel Hydraulics
CEE 8601
Special Topics: Highway Safety
CEE 9030
CE Resrch/Investigation
CEE 9031
Thesis I
CEE 9032
Thesis II
CEE 9080
Thesis Continuation
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