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MUS 1051
Fundamentals of Music
MUS 1101
Sound, Self, and Society: Music and Everyday Life
MUS 1451
Introduction to Audio Recording Techniques
MUS 2205
Music and Disability Studies
MUS 2261
Holy Songs in a Strange Land
MUS 2281
History of Jazz II
MUS 2296
Songs of Race and Power in Colonial Latin America
MUS 2305
Beethoven and the Invention of Western Music
MUS 2551
Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 2605
Musical Theater Performance
MUS 2701
West African Music Ensemble - Initial Semester
MUS 2702
West African Music Ensemble
MUS 2705
Middle Eastern Ensemble - Initial Semester
MUS 2706
Middle Eastern Ensemble
MUS 2711
Jazz Combos - Initial Semester
MUS 2712
Jazz Combos
MUS 2721
Chamber Ensembles - Initial Semester
MUS 2722
Chamber Ensembles
MUS 2731
Orchestra - Initial Semester
MUS 2732
MUS 2741
Chamber Choir - Initial Semester
MUS 2742
Chamber Choir
MUS 2751
Concert Band - Initial Semester
MUS 2752
Concert Band
MUS 3501
MUS 3551
Computer Music Composition and Sound Synthesis
MUS 4040
Senior Project in Music
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