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LACL 1300
Introduction to Art History: Introduction to the Art of Anci...
LACL 2110
Race and Belonging in Latin America
LACL 2205
Advanced Spanish
LACL 2209
Spoken Word and Written Text
LACL 2210
Literature, Power, and Resistance
LACL 2304
Queer Latinx Literature and Culture
LACL 2306
Spanish Non-Fiction Writing Workshop
LACL 2330
Songs of Race and Power in Colonial Latin America
LACL 2387
Religion, Healing, and Literature in Africa and the African...
LACL 2403
Revolutions in Latin America: The People Take the Stage
LACL 2407
Francophone Cultures
LACL 2409
Introduction to Hispanic Studies: Poetry and Theater
LACL 2410
Introduction to Hispanic Studies: Essay and Narrative
LACL 2421
Between the Alamo and the Wall: Latinx Activism in the Unite...
LACL 2730
Descendants of the Sun: The Inca and their Ancestors
LACL 3239
Borges and the Borgesian
LACL 3254
Illegible Subjectivities?:Language, Identity and Politics in...
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