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HIST 1242
Between Revolution and Rebellion: The United States, 1783-18...
HIST 2005
City and Landscape in Modern Europe: London, Paris, Vienna,...
HIST 2008
The Republic of Rome and the Evolution of Executive Power
HIST 2060
The French Revolution
HIST 2110
“Bad” Women Make Great History: Modern Europe as Lived a...
HIST 2121
Colonial America and the Atlantic World, 1607-1763
HIST 2161
Asian American History, 1850 to the Present
HIST 2220
Civil Rights and Black Power Movements in the Making of Mode...
HIST 2297
Becoming China (1000-1911)
HIST 2342
The Making of Modern India and Pakistan
HIST 2403
Revolutions in Latin America: The People Take the Stage
HIST 2421
Modernity and Identity in Japan
HIST 2504
Animals in American History
HIST 2522
History: What, How, Why
HIST 2543
History of the Body
HIST 2586
A History of the Holocaust: Context, Experience, and Memory
HIST 2609
History of Women's Voices in America and at Bowdoin
HIST 2640
California Dreamin': A History of the Golden State
HIST 2803
A History of Human Rights
HIST 2893
Unearthing China: National History and Chinese Archaeology s...
HIST 2910
Race and Belonging in Latin America
HIST 3142
Jim Crow Justice
HIST 3420
Law and Justice in East Asia
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