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GSWS 1101
Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
GSWS 1111
Introduction to LGBTQ Fiction
GSWS 1321
Philosophical Issues of Gender and Race
GSWS 2001
Queer Theory
GSWS 2110
“Bad” Women Make Great History: Modern Europe as Lived a...
GSWS 2212
Sociology of Sexuality
GSWS 2236
Gods, Goblins, and Godzilla: The Fantastic and Demonic in Ja...
GSWS 2258
Making Sex a Science: Sexology and its Cultural Representati...
GSWS 2601
History of Women's Voices in America and at Bowdoin
GSWS 2704
Queer Latinx Literature and Culture
GSWS 2720
Between the Alamo and the Wall: Latinx Activism in the Unite...
GSWS 3015
James Baldwin
GSWS 3037
The Female Gothic in Literature and Film
GSWS 3301
Doing Gender Studies: Intimacy and Consumer Objects
GSWS 3302
The Economics of the Family
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