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ENGL 1060
English Composition
ENGL 1111
Introduction to LGBTQ Fiction
ENGL 1228
Introductory Fiction Workshop
ENGL 1242
Writing the History, Culture, and Politics of Food
ENGL 1303
Introduction to Anglophone African Literature: Contemporary...
ENGL 2012
ENGL 2016
Race and Memory in Southern Literature and Film
ENGL 2019
Fictions of Global English
ENGL 2203
Shakespeare and Politics
ENGL 2301
True Lives: Creating Fame, Infamy, and Celebrity in the Eigh...
ENGL 2405
Victorian Plots
ENGL 2428
Introduction to Film Theory
ENGL 2457
Modern Drama in Theory and Practice
ENGL 2506
American Literature II: 1865 - 1920
ENGL 2556
America and the Globe
ENGL 2582
Reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
ENGL 2605
The Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 2760
Asian America's Margins
ENGL 2805
Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing
ENGL 2841
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory
ENGL 2853
Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL 2903
A History of Anti-Semitism
ENGL 2904
Queer Latinx Literature and Culture
ENGL 3015
James Baldwin
ENGL 3028
Imagined Asias
ENGL 3037
The Female Gothic in Literature and Film
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